Child Education- A Mission to Lift The Future of India

Child Education- A Mission to Lift The Future of India

“An educated child can not only change the future of himself or his family but can change the future of a country”, these words from the great Theoder Roosevelt act as an inspiration for our foundation. We have put a great emphasis on helping the kids from economically poor background with their education.

We know that quality education will help the kid realize his dreams and help his family to have a better lifestyle. Devoid of it, the future of the kid will be dark and so we put all the efforts needed to educate them in the best manner.

We are looking to start free schools in various areas of Lucknow that will provide convent level education to the kids. We are also providing free education material to the students that are not able to attend the school to help them study. This is helping in lessening the burden of the parents that work very hard for the education of their kids. We believe that we must come together for a better tomorrow of these kids to make our country a better place.

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