Our mission is very straightforward which is to provide help to as many people as possible. We are looking to come up with a chain ….

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Our vision

Our vision is quite simple which is to make everyone happy and healthy. We can make sure that everyone has the basic amenities like Food, cloth ….

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Angels Foundation India

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Jobs for disabled people

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Roti Bank Mission: Help us to satiate the quench of hungry and poor

Angels foundation is coming ahead to make sure that no one goes to the bed without a piece of bread. We know the value of food and we are putting the best possible efforts to make sure that we can provide food to the destitute and hungry people. We have started several food camps across different areas of Lucknow where people from lower economic class are served food without any kind of discrimination. We are looking for more support from your side in our mission to serve the needy guys in a better manner. We have received support both in the form of donations and voluntary participation that has made the job easier. Several people have offered to run their camps under the shade of Angels foundation as well and we expect more from the Nawabon ka Sheher. Donate: A help of 500 rupees can enable us to provide meals to 10 people.

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