Digital Education – Computer Education To Everyone

Digital Education – Computer Education To Everyone

Today’s era is the era of computer and those who are not having basic knowledge of computer are definitely going to struggle. Angels Foundation is looking to make things simpler for the students to get the basic computer education free of cost. We have started our coaching center that will help the students learn the basic concepts of computers such as Microsoft Office, computer typing, tally ERP and other basic level courses without any fee.

We have seen the candidates struggle in the industries because they do not have basic operation knowledge of the computer. So, we help them work on these points and have better opportunities for themselves. Some of the students who have obtained computer education from us are now working in different industries which are encouraging signs for our team. We are looking for increased participation from your side as we understand that we need to come together for a better tomorrow.

 Especially the students from underprivileged section of society do not have access to computer and are thus deprived of the basic knowledge. This is why we are not charging any fee from the students as we know the financial status of students hailing from families with poor financial background. Our program is smartly designed with practical applications to help the students learn in a better manner and be prepared for the situations that they are going to face.

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