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Why You Can Trust Us

With Welfare Program your money go straight to the goal


Our mission is to make sure that every citizen in India has access to basic facilities food, shelter, clothing and education. We are putting the best efforts to enhance our reach and provide the destitute with these needs.


We keep on organizing fund raiser events that helps us to raise money for our mission in various parts of our country.


Our support team is always ready to help you out having some problems while reporting and incident, donating on our website and looking to join as a volunteer.


You can help us out in our mission by donating us in whatever capacity you can. Help us realize the dreams of underprivileged and get a chance to become an angel.


Help us in our mission to make every person in our country happy and healthy by joining us a volunteer helping us to set up food camps.


If you are willing to help others and having problems in conducting events and charity functions, we are there to help you out.

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