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We completely disclose how we handle your information at our organization. The information that is being provided by you is used by the organization to promote its cause. By accepting our privacy policy, you agreed to abide by our set of rules and privacy policy and allow us to use and share information via our channel.

We collect following personal data of yours:

  • Mobile number, physical address, e-mails Id and name or sometimes other information such as bank account details.
  • Information which is asked by us for your authentication such as your favorite food, your UID number amongst others.
  • Information which is available from other sources as well.

Use of Information:

The information provided by you will only be used to contact you in case you are willing to become one of our members and no information about you is shared until you join us as a member. We not promote sharing of any personal information through any sources.

In case, you become our member, only the stuff which is related to the food feasts will be shared on different platforms.

No malware and spyware practices:

Our website is fully safe from malware and spywares which makes sure that your personal data is safe and sound.